How To Best Store Rebars To Avoid Damages

A reinforcing bar, commonly known as rebar, provides strength and stability to concrete structures. While concrete is extremely strong, it can lose its integrity under tension stresses and lead to cracking and spalling, which occurs when the material starts flaking and breaking away.

Rebar helps prevent concrete structures from premature cracking and flaking by absorbing and distributing the stress. However, common rebar is manufactured from unfinished tempered steel and is susceptible to rusting.

Using rusted rebar isn’t allowed when constructing a concrete structure and would result in your company’s work being turned down by the building inspector, unless the rust is removed. This is an obvious problem for anyone working with rebar, so it is paramount that your materials remain clean and rust free.

Steels should be stored in such a way, so as to avoid distortion and to prevent deterioration and corrosion. Steels of different classes should be stored separately. Follow the guidelines given below while storing steel on site.

  • Store bars of different classes, sizes and lengths separately to facilitate issues in such sizes and lengths so as to minimize wastage in cutting from standard lengths.
  • Paint the ends of bars of each class in distinct separate colors.
  • Coat steel reinforcement with cement wash before stacking to prevent scaling and rusting.
  • If reinforcement bars have to be stored for a long period, then stack it above ground level by at least 150 mm.

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