Purpose of Rebar in Concrete

Rebar is the commonly used name for a reinforcing bar that is used to strengthen concrete. Rebar is made from different alloys and grades of steel and is manufactured with ridges so that the concrete that is poured onto the bars can adhere easily to them. Stainless steel rebar is resistant to rust and is often used in the construction of buildings and in poured concrete driveways.


Poured concrete is extremely strong and does very well under compression, but when there are tension stresses placed on it, it can fail. For example, if a concrete beam is supported only at the two ends, the middle will be subjected to tension stress. This stress can be relieved by strengthening the concrete with reinforcing steel bars or rebar. The rebar absorbs the tension stress and thereby prevents the concrete from cracking or breaking.

Reduces Thickness

Rebar can also reduce the thickness of the concrete that is poured on such surfaces as driveways or garage floors. Many different mixtures such as ash and aggregates are added to cement to produce concrete, and all these add to the thickness of the concrete slab. When rebar is used in the concrete, the steel bars add their strength to the mix and allow for a thinner slab of concrete to be used.

Benefits of Rebar

Adding rebar to concrete has many benefits. Rebar is easy to set into place before pouring the concrete. It helps to reduce the cracking and breaking that is common in concrete because of its brittle properties. Rebar provides strength to concrete and saves money for the purchaser since the concrete slab, blocks or building will last longer.

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