Is it safe to use rusty rebars?

Construction is growing in Ethiopia, the construction companies and sites in Ethiopia have grown significantly over the past 10 years. Cites are expanding and population growth and the need for housing, health care, roads and more are driving buildings in Ethiopia.  Let it be a small or large construction project all require rebars. In our last blog, we have shared “How to restore rusty rebar”. In today’s blog, we want to explain which degree is appropriate and not in today’s post.

Construction has progressed and the quality assurance requirement is more important than ever. In construction site inspectors usually refers too standard specifications for structural, which states “when concrete is placed, all reinforcement shall be of a material deleterious bond. From a site inspection point, a fabricated and stored rebar rust is normal.

Light rust is characterized by orange, red, brown color on the rebar. And this rust is acceptable. The amount of rust on rust on rebar is dependent on the mill scale thickness, and humidity conditions, environmental and rebar age. if the rust or mill scale is light, it will not affect the bond to the concrete. In fact, studies have shown that mill scale and light rust enhance the bond between concrete and steel.

Heavy rust is rust when the rebar is poorly stored for more than 18 to 24 months. Heavy rust is thick, and if rust is thick then the effective diameter of the rebar will be reduced and should be taken into consideration in the design requirements.


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