Rebar tying tools


what’s the problem with tying rebars with hands?

Hand tying rebar increases the possibility of developing hand-wrist disorders. Operating at ground level often increases the risk of repeated and prolonged stooping or bending of low back injuries.

Whether tying rebar together or fastening conduit to the rebar with pliers, tying the wire requires workers to make repeated, fast hand and arm twisting movements while applying high grasp force.

What are the benefits of tying tools?

Using mechanical rebar tying tools can assist site employees to save energy and lower the risk of hand and wrist injury. Studies conducted by the National Insitute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Construction Safety Association of Ontario compared manual methods and one model of power tying tool and showed that using the power tool may reduce the risk of injury to workers’ hands, wrists, and low back.

1. DTR180 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Rebar Tying Tool:- is the most amazing and easy to use tool for easy rebar tying. You can use this tool to tie rebars efficiently without any difficulties. you can tie rebars automatically for a range of applications such as building concrete foundations. The tool has adjustable Rebar tying strength: According to the condition of tying material, tying strength can be adjusted in 6 stages.

2. MAX Rebar Tying Tool Kits:- This is another cordless rebar tying tools are designed to help reduce tying time to less than 1 second per tie with consistent tie strength. These tools offer one-hand operation, which allows you to hold rebar while tying. The batteries inside require less charging time so you can work efficiently.

3. BN PRODUCTS USA Rebar Tying Tool Kits:- you can also use these portable tools are designed to help make your job faster and easier. For flatwork and standing wall work, they are suitable for lashing rebar together to strengthen new poured concrete surfaces.

4. Surspider rebar tier:- is an amazing time-saving machine for tying rebars. This machine is available for all kinds of reinforced rebar and concrete construction, also the heating pipe, and one keypress to adjust power, and excellent battery life.

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