Grade 40 Rebars

Rebar with a grade 40 designation offers a minimum yield strength of 300 Mpa, Tensile Strength of 400 Mpa and Elongation of 16%. This makes

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Impressive Concrete Structures

Often associated with the practical—and not the beautiful—concrete can yield surprisingly diverse architectural results. National Museum of Brazil Villa Saitan Jubilee Church Santiago Calatrava’s auditorium

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Elongation & Ductility

Elongation Elongation is a measure of ductility, which provides confidence that metals can be deformed, without cracking or fracturing. In rebar, it defines ductility so

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Grade 60 Rebars

Rebar with a grade 60 designation offers a minimum yield strength of 420 Mpa, Tensile Strength of 620 Mpa and Elongation of 14%. This makes

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Grades of Rebars

Rebar is graded to show the amount of tensile strength it has in terms of pounds per square inch. Grade 33 starts out the low

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Hot rolled steel

The surface of the steel reinforcement bars is patterned to have a proper bond with the surrounding concrete material. The two main factors that provide

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Production Of Rebars

Reinforcement bar production usually follows the following stages. Steelmaking Ladle refining Continuous casting Hot rolling Cold processing Decoiling Fabrication   We will cover these steps

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Types of Rebars

Rebar is a necessary component of many construction projects. Because concrete can be cracked relatively easily by bending and twisting, metal rebar is used to

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